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Spiritual Awakening And The Journey To Healing

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

One of the most cliché things to do for mind, body and soul balancing is Yoga. From 2016- current days Yoga has risen in popularity. I first heard of yoga through my P90X workouts. I believe that this form of energetic balancing act is one of the contributing factors to my kundalini awakening. When you move your body through stretching positions called yoga poses, you're lengthening and strengthening your muscles and tendons. Combined with deep breathing, these stretches allow prana to flow more freely which can trigger a kundalini rising if not a complete awakening.

An awakening is not to be confused with an epiphany. Increasing your blood flow and heart rate can bring on epiphanies or clarity about a situation. Many people say that during a run they experience runners high which has aided them in processing trauma and stress. Having an awakening is quite different and can seem like a mid life crisis. Nothing will ever be the same. You may witness psychic episodes. I'm using "psychic" in the context of mental health. Some call these episodes psychosis, psychotic episodes or a break in the psyche.

Though something as healthy as yoga can cause an event that may seem crazy or psychotic, there comes a time in our lives when we give in to the awakening to develop a more healthy version of ourselves using our divine free will. An innumerable and historic amount of awakenings have happened since the "Great American Eclipse" in 2017. The legalization of recreational marijuana has definitely assisted in this psychological breakthrough. Psychedelic research into the benefits of psilocybin have proven a useful tool for veterans with PTSD or CPTSD. Due to the nature of psilocybin and psychedelics, please use caution if you have access to this holistic healing tool. It is highly advisable to micro-dose with 1-1.5 gram.

Where do we go after an awakening? How do we find balance? How do we find our purpose in this life? What about a career path worth investing in? These are very powerful and emotionally packed questions. You've lived your whole life trying to be this version of yourself that fits into your family and social circle. Have you ever felt like yourself? Have you been putting on a front for the people around you? After an awakening it is common to remove people that you may have considered friends or family. It is a heavy reality that most people around you are stuck listening to the broken record of their lives. They choose what is comfortable and their routines are suitable to their mundane lives.

Many newly awakened people will go through phases of awakening. Epiphanies are huge in the beginning. So is extreme focus and research AKA "Going down the rabbit hole., Alice syndrome." Usually the beginning is the most exciting and exhausting. It can last a few years easily. Things start to get interesting when you commit to the permanence of change. A lot of awakened ones are likely struggling psychologically with behavioral issues due to trauma rooted in some kind of neglect or abandonment. These are highly common in connection to the generations we grew up in. We're you a latchkey kid. Chances are, you were and there are many of us still trying to heal the abandonment that came from our parents trying to provide for us. Maybe your single parent worked full time and you had to prepare meals for your siblings. Maybe you even had to be the adult and babysit your alcoholic parent. What’s more is that usually these parents had huge entitlement issues and developed narcissistic personality disorder because of their own childhood trauma.

So you see, we've all been in fight, flight, freeze or fawn for centuries. Some would say that the Mayans predicted the end of the world in the year 2000. I believe in astrology but I think predictions can be tricky. I try not to predict too much for myself or others. Free will has a lot to do with it. Every decision we make, we're using our free will. I realized that my emotions are directly affected by my diet. The stomach and the heart are both comprised of the same cells that make up the brain. Ergo when someone says they’re thinking with their heart its absolutely true. Same goes for the stomach. "I've got a gut feeling." The corresponding chakra to the gut is the solar plexus. This is where our confidence is energetically located. It's who we are and what we do. So When we eat processed foods our emotions run amuck and it becomes difficult to trust ourselves. The cravings alone are enough to drive a person mad, literally. Food sensitivities and allergies have been an increasing concern all over the world but mostly in the United States where luxury comes at a cost. Our health is our most prized possession and very few even know what ails them let alone how to heal from it.

Healing is a LOADED term that many take for granted and have misunderstood. First of all true "healing" takes time and commitment especially when it comes to an awakening. For all intents and purposes we'll use the term 'healing' in the context of finding your way back to the self. No matter how ambitious you are and even if you're blinded by your ambition, this process of healing happens in divine time. The definition of divine timing is associated with God's timing or the timing of a source greater than that of ourselves. I'm from a Christian upbringing but I've briefly tapped into other more spiritual avenues of beliefs. I'm convinces that no matter where we all came from, we are not alone in this universe. So in terms of healing and divine timing, I have found most relevance when I pay attention to Astrological Influences. I started listening to astrology updates on YouTube a few years ago and I was blown away at the complexities involved. I believe it to be a science though our government still sees it as a form of entertainment.

I guess after all I've shared with you, It’s s best to sum it up by clarifying with the following. No matter what your belief system, pay attention to your intuition. Try being mindful for a day then try another day till you’re aware of your triggers and able to build new neural pathways by making healthier decisions. Leave room for failure and relapse. We're HUMAN and it is human to err. Guilt and fear will hold you back from making any progress. Give yourself a break and treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Stop using Negative Self Talk. Would you allow anyone to talk to you like that? Our eating habits are the hardest to transform but they are the most effective and efficient way to create long lasting and permanent healing. We all have codependent behaviors such ad addiction and escapism. Letting go of these things can be helpful but it takes time. becoming your authentic self takes commitment. It takes time to build a sturdy foundation based on integrity and authenticity. Learn as much about ego death as you can so you can rebirth as who you are meant to be, Here and Now.

You’re not alone. Ever.

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