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Anxiety and Stress management.

Anxiety and stress are the leading causes of physical and mental distress around the world. Regardless of what it is particularly that is giving you anxiety and stress, your ability to manage these very tough energies will help you so much in the long run. Unfortunately, due to the way we were brought up and what we taught ourselves in the way of coping techniques, hasn’t helped and won’t help moving forward.

It’s high time to turn the page and allow ourselves new coping techniques because we are worthy of better treatment. Feeling worthy is just the beginning but actually taking care of ourselves the way that we feel we are worthy of can be difficult. A lot of people tend to reach outside of themselves for anything and everything that will help an inner problem.

That’s where a lot of people start is with supplements and devices. We are already escaping with food, alcohol and drugs. Big Pharma has us thinking that if we just take this prescription, all our problems will go away but people pay very little attention to the side effects of these prescription drugs that can often times be worse than the problem itself. We’ve been taught that pills and immediate gratification will solve our problems.

When everything outside isn’t working anymore people realize that it’s time to turn inward. That’s when the spiritual awakening usually happens. Some people see it in the form of a midlife crisis. It’s come to my attention that recently our youth are experiencing a quarter life crisis. A lot of our youth are waking up to the idea that consciousness is quantum. Consciousness is key.

When we as a mass consciousness start to take responsibility for our own patterns and healing, miracles will start to happen. Anxiety and stress eat the body from the inside and caused many ailments. Ranging from autoimmune disease to cancer and many other fatal illnesses. When will people start to realize that they can, in fact, change their stars?

Life was never meant to be easy. We came here to witness our emotions and hopefully realize that we have a huge role to play moving forward. The role of freeing our ancestral line from guilt, shame, slavery, prejudice, the list is never ending. An open mind and willingness to witness is just the beginning. There will be cycles of doubt and fear that will lead us to continue to use old coping techniques but soon enough we start to see our own cycles don’t make sense.

Inspiration to change is a process just like anything else. The more we practice the new and more ideal way of life, the easier it becomes to replace old , painful coping skills. Are you brave enough to face yourself? This is what it takes to make lasting changes. Replacing old habits with new, more sensible and healthy ones will see you on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

Easier said than done? Possibly but when you have time and commitment, anything is possible. Open your mind to the possibilities. Make a list of passions and whittle it down to something that you feel you are able to do in the moment. Baby steps are the way to lasting improvement and positive life changes.

After talking to your physician you may realize that a lot of the diagnoses that you have can be treated with homeopathic remedies or herbs. Some of us can’t wait for mindfulness to start making a difference in our lives and we need immediate assistance from herbs or supplements for life threatening or severe illness. While we’re waiting to understand how to use cognitive behavioral therapy or other forms of therapy and self-help properly, alternative healing methods can help in the interim.

Methods such as sound therapy, aromatherapy, meditation, acupuncture, Reiki energy healing, somatic healing, cranial sacral therapy or many other alternative method are a great start. Personally I like to use sound therapy in the form of binaural beats and Isochronic tones to heal my brain frequencies. You can find Binaural Beats to help with a wide range of ailments on YouTube. There are even Binaural Beats for anxiety, stress and depression.

This link will take you to YouTube for Healing of the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system.

Like any other muscle, the mind takes time to adapt and these techniques such as CBT, DBT, NLP or simple breathing techniques. Replacing old habitual thinking patterns takes time. Even if you use psychedelic herbs or other methods, it may still take a while for the mind to wrap around new techniques. Which is why your community and the people you surround yourself with is just as important.

Around the world today, we are witnessing a worldwide awakening. When it comes to a shift in perspective, especially one that involves the masses. There will be waves of understanding and cycles of healing along the way. The seeds of change have been planted. With change comes growing pains and more opportunities to leave the old methods behind in favor of optimistic hopes for the future.

Our healing will be witnessed by everyone around us, causing a domino effect. Generations of stifled opportunities will push through limiting ideas as they choose to shift their perspective. It seems too good to be true but the forward movement of methods such as LOA and manifestation techniques has proven to actively shift the mentality of those willing to try a more Innovative and intuitive approach. After all, we do create our own personal realities.

All it takes is an open mind, commitment and determination to a better way of being. Seems easy until we witness personal or global issues that trigger stress, anxiety, fear or depression. These responses are not only genetic but our bodies are conditioned and possibly even addicted to the hormones that are released during an episode. Fight, flight, freeze and fawn are common responses to stress.

Few will go deep enough to understand where these emotions originated. Most of us today have experienced some form or magnitude of abandonment, neglect, physical, mental, sexual, or psychological trauma. Few have experienced a way to sit with these origins that will have the benefit of long lasting transformation without being triggered again and again.

Triggers can cause avoidance and lead to prolonged cycles of deprecation. There are more difficult cases that have been treated with psychedelic methods that are often not widely accepted but are growing in popularity.

So what can you do to help with Anxiety and Stress? I would say start by doing your research because we all respond differently to methods. What works for someone you know may possibly not work the same for you. Finding a method that works may come in waves also. Being open to change is always going to help you find better ways of coping long term. Most importantly, be patient with yourself and others because we’re all shifting in some way or another and it’s not always going to come as easily to others as it does to you and vice versa.

My hope is that we are all becoming more self-aware and in doing so learning to be compassionate to others who are also becoming more self-aware. That in becoming compassionate we are able to shift our warlike frequencies into a higher frequency and perspective. We’ve proven to be able to survive under harsh circumstances. Now we’ve got to be willing to believe ourselves worthy of creating the shift into a higher frequency that includes compassion and kindness. This is how we actualize the creation of a better existence.

It’s only the beginning. You’re not alone. Continue to seek answers and plant seeds along the way. Try to decipher what is right by seeing things in a macrocosmic view. Always question your thoughts and where they’ve come from. But also leave room for forgiveness and adaptation.


Sharon R Green

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